RT America -- March 2, 2015

LAPD shooting, NYPD lawsuit brings more heat on police abuse

Los Angeles police officers have been caught on camera shooting a homeless man, while a new lawsuit against police officers from New York claims that the department forced officers to meet racial quotas or face punishment. Both incidents have brought up new concerns about police brutality and excessive force across the country. RT’s Manila Chan speaks with Lindsay France in Los Angeles and Alexey Yaroshevsky in New York about the recent charges against police.

Fresh accusations of lying against O’Reilly, new lawsuits in the mainstream media

More media pundits are facing scrutiny and allegations of misinformation, with further accusations levied against Fox News host Bill O’Reilly over his reporting and his book ‘Keep it Pithy.’ Meanwhile, a new lawsuit against MSNBC and Al Sharpton alleges racial discrimination against other people of color. RT’s Manuel Rapalo speaks with Manila Chan about the current controversies.