RT America -- February 16, 2015

American who fought against ISIS gives insight from life on and behind frontline

“Hundreds have died and they’d rather be in college now or going out on dates and not having to die,” says Dean Parker, an American who volunteered to fight along with the Kurds in their fight against ISIS in the Middle East. He tells RT’s Manila Chan about his experience fighting alongside the Kurds and his personal convictions in taking up this fight.

12 causes of Apocalypses make on a new scientific list

AI and robots might be the leading apocalypse threat. “Artificial Intelligence has goals, it has plans and that’s the problem,” says with Stuart Armstrong of the Future of Humanity Institute on what will be the calamity that brings about the Apocalypse. Armstrong speaks with RT’s Ben Swann about new research done at Oxford University that calculates the probability of 12 different Apocalypses.