RT America -- February 6, 2015

Although family members of Mohammed Saleh Qayed Taeiman call him a normal sixth grader who was eager to have fun, the US military in January unleashed a deadly drone strike that killed the “al-Qaeda militant” along with two others. Taeiman’s father and brother were in 2012 similarly killed by US strikes, and another brother was wounded in a different attack, dealing multiple blows to the family even before the death of the young boy. With this in mind, RT’s Ben Swann and Reema Abu Hamdieh speak in an exclusive interview with Mohammed’s cousin, Hussein Taeiman.

The only thing wrong with the Guantanamo Bay detention facility in Cuba is that there are too many empty beds, Senator Tom Cotton (R-Ariz.) told a Congressional hearing on Thursday. Hearing testimony from civilian and military leaders who wish to close the controversial facility that some view as a recruiting tool for terrorists, the legislator lashed out and stated that the current inmates should continue to ‘rot’ in the prison until they are finally condemned to hell. RT’s Manila Chan takes a look.