RT America -- January 28, 2015

One must not be a liar to have honor, which means that Navy SEAL Chris Kyle “falls short on the honor department,” former Minnesota Governor and SEAL Jesse Ventura told RT. In an interview focusing on the controversy surrounding the movie “American Sniper,” Ventura explained his recent lawsuit against the estate of the film’s central figure, and why he immediately knew the picture was nothing short of “propaganda.”

The mega-rich are preparing for a peasant revolt, buying secluded estates and arranging escape plans if the poor rise up against the wealthy, Robert Johnson, president of the Institute of New Economic Thinking told RT. Founded in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis, the think tank associated with leading universities such as Oxford and Duke tracks the level of economic inequality in the world, which has skyrocketed during the so-called ‘recovery.’ RT’s Ameera David has more from the researcher.