RT America -- January 16, 2015

White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough knew of the CIA’s plans to access off-limit computers being used by Senate torture investigators, yet did not intervene, according to a newly released government report. Issued by the spy agency’s Office of the Inspector General, the investigation reveals that CIA head John Brennan directly informed the high-ranking Obama administration staffer of the potentially illegal actions, but McDonough did nothing to hinder the process. RT’s Manuel Rapalo reports from Washington.

Police officers in Miami were recently found to have used pictures of real African-American teenagers as targets during shooting practice, further adding to the anger many are directing towards law enforcement. As Martin Luther King Jr. Day approaches, thousands of activists are expected to take to the streets across the country this weekend, and will no doubt use this latest example of remarkable insensitivity to highlight what they view as systemic hostility toward minorities. Dante Barry, executive director of Million Hoodies Movement for Justice, tells RT’s Ameera David how he and many others will be honoring MLK’s legacy this weekend.