RT America -- January 15, 2015

Condoleezza Rice and other big name witnesses testified on the first day of CIA whistleblower Jeffrey Sterling’s trial on Thursday. The government accuses the former spy of leaking to New York Time’s journalist James Risen details about a plot to give Iran sabotaged nuclear weapons plans, which Sterling felt were deeply flawed and deserved public attention. Prosecutors see things differently, however, and want him thrown in jail. RT’s Ameera David wraps up the first day of the trial.

Like a modern day Quasimodo, Angela Navarro is holed up in a Pennsylvania church, seeking refuge from those who wish to deport her. Just one member of the “New Sanctuary Movement,” the young undocumented migrant is relying on the generosity of a local religious group to keep her from immigration officials so that she may remain in the country she calls home. RT’s Manuel Rapalo reports from Philadelphia.