RT America -- January 9, 2015

Two separate hostage situations in France ended with the deaths of four civilians on Friday, bringing an end to a countrywide manhunt for suspects in the Wednesday terrorist attack in Paris. The situation came to an end with a fierce gun battle between police and the hostage takers, yet a search is still on for a suspected female accomplice. RT’s Peter Oliver is in Dammartin-en-Goële with more details, and Polly Boiko reports from Paris.

After traveling more than 126 million miles, the Space Shuttle Atlantis has come to rest at the Kennedy Space Center, where anyone can view the historic craft up-close. Having survived 25 years of service when other shuttles suffered catastrophic failures, the time for the technological wonder to reach its final destination was long overdue, and a fitting memorial for its storied past now finally exists, as RT’s Ameera David reports.