RT America -- December 12, 2014

The California Highway Patrol is under fire from Eric Garner and Michael Brown grand jury protesters after two undercover officers were revealed to have infiltrated a group of demonstrators, and then pulled a gun and threatened marchers. Details remain murky on the exact circumstances of the confrontation, but the protesters are angry that law enforcement was in their midst to begin with. RT’s Lindsay France has more from Los Angeles.

SONY is still suffering from the fallout of a major hack largely believed to be the result of the North Korean government. Racial emails, gossip about Angelina Jolie and other embarrassing company details have been revealed, and computer security experts are stunned at the lax policies that allowed for the attack. RT’s Ben Swann gets more insight by speaking with SnoopWall LLC founder and Department of Homeland Security co-founder, Gary S. Miliefsky.