RT America -- October 16, 2014

US defense contractors are cashing in on the new war against Islamic State militants in Iraq and Syria. Since mid-June, the government has spent over $1 billion on the military campaign, sending the stock prices of defense corporations to near record highs. RT’s Ben Swann leads a discussion on the complexities of military spending with Stephen Miles, advocacy director of Win Without War, and Robert Levinson, Bloomberg Government’s senior defense analyst.

A Vermont town is shaking up the way human’s dispose of waste, specifically by collecting urine to use as a fertilizer. Traditionally, human waste is flushed into the water system, causing ecological problems that then need to be cleaned up. By collecting and harnessing it, however, many advantages emerge. RT’s Ben Swann learns more about the experiment by speaking with Abraham Noe-Hays, research director at the Rich Earth Institute.