RT America -- October 8, 2014

Kurdish protesters throughout Western Europe are increasingly demanding a stronger military intervention against the Islamic State group as the Syrian city of Kobani comes under an increasing threat from the terrorist organization. Though President Barack Obama’s administration is downplaying the significance of the city, many feel its near capture means US-led airstrikes are not as effective as portrayed, raising serious doubts about the current military campaign and whether its strong enough. Dr. Michael Shank of the Friends Committee on National Legislation provides insight on the crisis to RT’s Ameera David.

In a record-breaking sale, a Chinese insurance giant is buying New York City’s iconic Waldorf-Astoria hotel for nearly $2 billion. The purchase comes as China remains the leading foreign buyer of US properties, and what some experts call the largest transfer of wealth in history, with centuries of accumulated American capital being scooped up by Chinese investors. RT’s Marina Portnaya takes a closer look.