RT America -- September 29, 2014

Rev. Earl Baldwin is suing the Pittsburgh Police Department after he was tased while grieving over the body of his dead stepson inside a local hospital. After refusing to leave the body of deceased 23-year-old Mileek Grissom, an officer resorted to using a taser to force the father to comply. In addition, the family is now receiving bills for the medical care administered to Baldwin after he was incapacitated by police. Speaking to RT’s Ameera David, the family recounts the horror of the event and their ongoing battle for justice.

General Motors is scrambling to prevent owners of the 2015 Chevrolet Corvette from breaking the law with the car’s high-tech recording device. Equipped with audio equipment allowing allows ‘Vette owners to secretly record conversations when the owner is not present, the latest model of the classic car may actually put owners in certain states in violation of wiretapping laws. RT’s Lindsay France has more on the lawbreaking technology.