RT America -- September 24, 2014

President Barack Obama on Wednesday vowed to continue conducting airstrikes on the Islamic State group and equipping Syrian opposition fighters, while also chastising Russia for its involvement in the conflict in Ukraine. Speaking before the UN General Assembly in New York City, the US leader addressed a variety of world issues, ranging from the rise of Islamic fundamentalism to the spread of Ebola in western Africa. Obama also chaired a meeting of the Security Council, where he called for nations to stop equipping and financing foreign terrorist fighters. RT’s Ameera David and Marina Portnaya examine the president’s statements at the UN.

The District of Columbia’s city council has rewritten its gun control regulations following a federal judge's June ruling striking down the city’s outright ban on carrying concealed weapons. The revised rules stipulate that applicants for a permit must have a “good reason” to open carry; submit to a background check and training; and the police chief has the right to refuse a request. Many gun rights advocates are unhappy with these changes, feeling they are still too restrictive. Ronald E. Hampton, retired DC Metro Police officer, voices his own concerns to RT’s Ameera David.