RT America -- September 19, 2014

A vast majority of African-Americans and Hispanics disagree with how their communities are portrayed in the media, according to a poll released Tuesday by the Media Insight Project. Three-fourths of blacks and two-thirds of Latinos feel they are not accurately depicted, while also finding the number of minority media figures disappointing. Dissecting the numbers with RT’s Ameera David is Georgetown University Journalism Professor Christopher Chambers.

Nearly one-quarter of US residents would consider their state seceding from the US, according to a new poll from Reuters and Ipsos. Asked about how they view the idea of forming an independent country, 23.9 percent of respondents either strongly or generally supported the move, but 53 percent strongly oppose any such action. Among supporters, Obamacare, foreign policy and political gridlock were frequently cited. RT’s Ameera David has more on the surprising numbers.