RT America -- August 20, 2014

St. Louis resident and 90-year-old Holocaust survivor Hedy Epstein was one of several demonstrators arrested for protesting the police killing of African-American teenager Michael Brown and the law enforcement crackdown on the resulting protests. One part of a nine-person human-chain, Epstein was handcuffed, transported to a police station and then booked for refusal to disperse. RT’s Marina Portnaya sat down with Epstein to get her story and thoughts on the police response to the unrest in Ferguson.

Polling by Rasmussen shows a disparity in opinions between African-Americans and whites over the killing of 18-year-old Michael Brown. While 57 percent of blacks believe Officer Darren Wilson, who shot and killed Brown, should be found guilty of murder, only 17 percent of whites have the same opinion. Although a large number of respondents are undecided on the issue, the results provide insight into the racial divide in America. RT’s Manila Chan takes a look at the data to get the details.