RT America -- August 8, 2014

US airstrikes on Iraq continue as the West tries to push back militants from the radical Islamic State. Thursday night, President Barack Obama addressed the nation to announce that the military had completed air drops of humanitarian aid to minority groups threatened by jihadists in the Kurdistan region of the country, and lethal air strikes were on the table to ensure the groups’ protection. Several waves of airstrikes have so far been completed. Retired Brig. Gen. David Reist offers his insight on the escalating situation to RT’s Manila Chan.

Boycott, divest and sanction: The three tenants of the BDS movement protesting what many perceive as the Israeli occupation of Gaza. As the conflict with Hamas grows and civilians continue to be killed and displaced, some of are considering these tactics to pressure Israel into reversing its longstanding policies. Billionaire Georges Soros, trade unions, retailers and a select few governments have all stepped up their participation in the mass protest movement, as RT’s Ameera David explains.