RT America -- August 7, 2014

The US is considering conducting airstrikes in northern Iraq to protect religious minorities trapped by the radical Islamic State. Fearing a coming “humanitarian catastrophe” due to a surge in violence, the White House is reportedly considering airstrikes and airdrops of humanitarian supplies to aid the Christians and Yazidis targeted by jihadists. The news broke the same day Secretary of State John Kerry made a surprise visit to Kabul, Afghanistan, just days after a two-star general was killed in an “insider attack.” Tony Shaffer, a senior fellow at the Center for Advanced Defense Studies, breaks down the developments with RT’s Lindsay France.

HIV medication provided by Medicare may be getting into the hands of patients who do not even have the disease. In 2012, over $30 million worth of the drugs went to individuals with no records of being diagnosed with HIV, while others have found ways to receive ten times the amount of medication that a normal patient requires, according to a report by the Inspector General of the Department of Health and Human Services. RT’s Ameera David looks at the report and the details it contains.