RT America -- August 6, 2014

Radical militants belonging to the jihadist Islamic State are fighting to take control of key dams in Iraq, potentially cutting off water and electricity to several cities. Two crucial dams, the Maditha on the Euphrates River and the Mosul on the Tigres River, are under threat of being taken over and possibly destroyed. If the militants succeed, according to president of the Mideast Forum Daniel Pipes, they will essentially control the country. RT’s Ameera David speaks to Pipes to get his take on the power grab.

A journalist with an African-American news website is accusing Comcast of censoring an entire article he wrote that was critical of the proposed changes to net neutrality regulations. News One, which is owned by Radio One and is connected to Comcast through a business deal, removed Lee Fang’s article at the request of the president of an industry interest group that thought the article treated the issue, and by proxy Comcast and his own organization, unfairly. An immediate online backlash is now underway, as RT’s Lindsay France reports.