RT America -- August 5, 2014

A man dressed in an Afghani military uniform open fired Tuesday on foreign troops at Camp Qargha, Afghanistan, killing a two-star US general. Over a dozen more were injured, including a high-ranking German official and several American soldiers. This latest “insider attack” is the first killing of a top US military officer in an overseas conflict since the 1970s. Ameera David speaks with Michael Kugelman of the Woodrow Wilson Center and RT’s Anastasia Churkina to learn more on the incident and what lies ahead for the war-torn country.

Closed doors are no longer enough to keep conversations private. Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology used a video camera to read the vibrations from the surface of a bag of chips behind soundproof glass, and the used the visual data to reconstruct and playback an audio sample of “Mary Had a Little Lamb.” RT’s Ameera David takes a look at the new tech.