RT News - July 27, 2014 (17:00 MSK)

Breaking news. International teams scrap plans to travel to the Malaysian plane crash site, as the Ukrainian army reportedly launches an offensive on a nearby town; Bodies of the MH17 victims have been arriving in Netherlands, from where the doomed flight departed. We report from the country in mourning, which was hit hardest by the tragedy; Also this week, Russia's Defence Ministry reveals its satellite and radar data, suggesting there was a second plane near the Malaysian airliner, possibly a Ukrainian military fighter, while the U.S. is being pressured to present its own evidence to back the accusations against Moscow; Washington maintains Russia is aiding the local militia in eastern Ukraine and was involved in the crash, but refuses to specify the source of the information; And, Hamas agrees to a 24-hour humanitarian ceasefire after Israel calls off its own truce, resuming air, naval and ground attacks in retaliation to rockets fired from Gaza.