RT America -- July 24, 2014

Experts are combing the crash site of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 for evidence, including victims’ body parts and plane fragments. Members of the Organization for Security and Cooperation say they have a high-level of access to the site, and also said that reports of looting are impossible to verify. As the investigation continues and the media frenzy calms, some journalists, most notably CNN’s Diana Magnay, are beginning to ask questions about the reliability of the evidence presented by both the US and Russian governments. RT’s Lindsay France and Roman Kosarev have more.

Secretive documents revealing how the US creates its terrorist watchlist were made public Wednesday, providing insight into the process that has been tightly guarded by both the Bush and Obama administrations. The Intercept published the files in full, allowing anyone to find out how the government is able to classify entire groups of people as potential terrorists while providing few protections for innocent citizens. RT’s Meghan Lopez digs into the documents to learn more.