RT America -- July 21, 2014

Eastern Ukrainian rebel leaders Monday evening turned over to international investigators the black boxes belonging to downed Malaysian Airlines flight MH17. The come move came shortly after the bodies of the victims were handed over and placed onto a train that will travel to the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv. A reported 298 individuals were on board the aircraft when it was reportedly shot down Thursday over the Donetsk region of eastern Ukraine. After reaching Kharkiv, the victims’ remains will be transported to the Netherlands and other countries. RT’s Roman Kosarev reports from the Donetsk region with more details.

The privacy minded texter has several apps to choose from for their smartphones, including Wickr. Claiming the use the same methods of encryption employed by spies, the app aims to protect the privacy and security of messages sent over the service. No user content or security keys are stored on company servers, providing an added layer of protection from would-be-snoopers. RT’s Ameera David learns more about the app by speaking to Wickr CEO Nico Snell.