RT News - July 21, 2014 (18:00 MSK)

Breaking news on RT International. Russia's Defence Ministry says a second aircraft was detected near the ill-fated Malaysian airliner in the moments before it went down in eastern Ukraine, bearing the characteristics of a fighter jet; Meanwhile, the search for clues among the wreckage stalls. A team of international experts is yet to arrive at the crash site - although European monitors at the scene now deny reports that their access is being restricted; As the conflict between Ukraine's army and anti-government fighters rages on, the Russian President says the safety of the experts involved in the crash probe must be guaranteed and warns against using the tragedy for political gain; Also in eastern Ukraine. A local militia fighter triggers public outrage, after being photographed apparently taking a toy from the disaster site. But new video shows his accusers got it wrong; Israeli tanks shell a hospital already packed with injured Palestinians, as the military offensive enters its third week, triggering global condemnation and calls for an immediate ceasefire.