RT America -- July 17, 2014

One day after outraging the world over the killing of four boys playing on a beach in Gaza, Israeli Defense Forces launched a ground invasion into the disputed territory. Hundreds of Palestinian casualties have resulted from relentless Israeli airstrikes, with a large portion of those dead being civilians and children. Amidst the unfolding violence, the Senate Appropriations defense subcommittee passed a spending bill that includes $621 million in funding for Israeli missile defense programs. RT’s Harry Fear reports from Gaza on the escalating conflict.

Authorities from countries across the world are seeking to participate in the investigation of the downing Malaysian Airlines flight MH17. The aircraft was reportedly shot down over the rebel held portions of Donetsk in eastern Ukraine, and officials from Kiev are claiming those fighters are preventing them from reaching the crash site. Who will ultimately conduct the investigation remains to be seen and will likely be a political tussle. RT’s Peter Oliver reports from Berlin with the latest.