RT America -- July 15, 2014

Libertarian pizza deliveryman Sean Haugh is running for Senate, and his down-to-earth YouTube series promoting his campaign has earned him significant support. Sitting in his kitchen drinking beer, the North Carolinian speaks directly to the camera and makes his case for why neither the Democrats nor Republicans deserve to win. Polling predicts he may garner between eight and eleven percent of the vote in November, enough to alter the outcome of the election. RT’s Lindsay France discusses Haugh’s campaign and the disillusionment with mainstream politics with Carla Howell, political director of the National Libertarian Party.

Monday, 40 children and women who crossed the border into the US to escape extreme poverty and violence were returned to Honduras. A US Customs and Immigration Enforcement chartered plane flew the migrants to San Pedro Sula; a city called the “murder capital of the world” due to its average of 19 homicides per day. Although greeted with kisses from Honduras’ First Lady, the homecoming was not a happy one. RT’s Manila Chan has more on the plight of the country’s residents.