RT America -- July 11, 2014

President Barack Obama’s administration knew in advance that the British government would destroy hard drives belonging to The Guardian newspaper. Newly declassified but highly redacted emails show some officials felt the destruction of the devices, which contained the leaked National Security Agency documents obtained by Edward Snowden, was an appropriate measure, and also believed it was “good news.” RT’s Lindsay France takes a look at the emails on the highly controversial topic.

Child-tracking wristbands, drug-delivering implants and wearable computing devices are popping up and promising to make our lives better. The question of the effects these new technologies will have on children’s development and society at large remains largely unanswered though. If a parent tracks their child with a GPS, how will they react when they are a teenager and no longer constantly monitored? RT’s Lindsay France seeks to answer this and other questions by speaking with Shiv Gaglani, editor of Medgadget.