RT America -- July 10, 2014

After two German intelligence and military officials were accused of being American spies, Chancellor Angela Merkel and her government have requested that the top CIA official in the country leave. Although considered extremely close allies with a strong working relationship, the US and Germany have suffered a series of setbacks over the past year. In addition to the latest spy arrests, the country was outraged when the world learned that the National Security Agency had eavesdropped on the communications of the public and top government officials, including Merkel. RT’s Ameera David discusses the impact these revelations have had with NSA employee turned whistleblower, William Binney.

The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases released a report warning individuals, especially pregnant women, that junk food can cause unhealthy scarring to DNA that reaches across generations. Western nations are particularly susceptible to this problem, with the results being higher risks of cancer, inflammation, infections and allergies. RT’s Ameera David discusses the report with Lt. Cdr. Ian Myles of the National Institutes of Health.