RT America -- July 8, 2014

Conservative talk radio host Michael Savage believes the public is being misled about the deaths of 17 members of the Navy’s famed SEAL Team Six. The team, which gained worldwide fame for killing Osama bin Laden, was traveling with Afghan soldiers in a Chinook transport helicopter when the craft was downed by insurgents in August 2011. Family members of the soldiers filed a lawsuit to seek damages from the US, Afghan, and Iranian governments, while also pressing Congress to address what they perceive to be improprieties in the government’s version of events. RT’s Ameera David discusses the controversy with Savage to learn more.

The security detail for Janice Yellen is upsetting many of the Fed chairwoman’s Georgetown neighbors, who are complaining about speeding vehicles, publically displayed weapons and the guard’s “donut bellies.” The residents of the gated community believe it shows “excessive levels of security at cost to the taxpayers,” according to the Wall Street Journal. RT’s Meghan Lopez visited the community to learn more about the neighbors’ frustrations.