RT America -- July 7, 2014

The National Security Agency collects far more information on American citizens than it does on targeted foreigners, according to documents released by Edward Snowden to The Washington Post. Medical records, resumes, baby photos and intimate pictures were all reportedly scooped up by the agency's surveillance techniques. In related tech news, Facebook is denying that its emotional manipulation study was funded by the US military. RT's Manila Chan discusses both the practices of both the NSA and Facebook with journalist Daniel Stuckey, the Government Accountability Project's Kathleen McClellan and reporter Kevin Collier.

Reportedly in connection with intelligence indicating al-Qaeda has developed new harder to detect bombs, the Transportation Security Agency will now require passengers coming from certain overseas airports to power up cellphones and other electronic devices in front of security agents. The failure of a device to boot can potentially indicate the presence of a bomb and may result in confiscation, according to the TSA. Seizure of personal items has been a growing issue, and recently made its way back into the headlines when the agency impounded a part of the bass belonging to Grammy winner Christian McBride. RT's Manila Chan discusses the emerging trend with McBride to get his personal insight.