RT America -- June 23, 2014

Speaking in Cairo on Sunday, Secretary of State John Kerry said the US is not responsible for the escalating crises in Iraq and Libya. The remarks were made before Kerry traveled to Baghdad to meet with Iraqi leaders to find a solution to the increasingly violent fighting between Iraqi military forces and the jihadist Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. The radical transnational organization made further military gains over the weekend, capturing strategic border crossings with Syria and Jordan. Although much of Iraq is worried about the growing strength of the group, residents of the northern Kurdistan region feel confident they can repel any attacks. RT’s Lucy Kafanov has more from the city of Erbil in northern Iraq.

Soccer fans were shocked Sunday by the US’ near defeat of Portugal in the World Cup. Seconds before the end of the game, the Portuguese team scored a game-tying goal, snatching victory from the hands of US and ensuring both teams survival for at least one more match. RT’s Nicholas O'Donovan spoke to fans in Rio de Janeiro to get their reactions.