RT America -- June 20, 2014

The rhetoric over the crisis in Iraq is ratcheting up as the jihadist Islamic State in Iraq and Syria continues battling government forces. Radical Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr warned Friday that the 300 US military advisors being sent to assist the Iraqi military will be attacked, while Grand Ayatollah Ali Sistani is calling for a new “effective” government. Secretary of State John Kerry is expected to travel to the region this weekend to attempt to broker peace talks between the Sunni, Shiite and Kurdish factions in the warring country. RT’s Manila Chan discusses the ongoing crisis with Georgetown University Law Professor Daoud Khairallah.

Harley-Davidson is going electric. Project LiveWire, the iconic American company’s first fully electric motorcycle, is being touted as environmentally friendly while not sacrificing performance specs. The cruiser promises to give riders speeds up to 92 MPH and go from zero to 60 in under four seconds. Prototypes are set to be shown around the country, as a production date has not been set. RT’s Manila Chan takes a look at the bike that hopes to finally make electric cool.