RT America -- June 19, 2014

Despite calls to intervene militarily against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, President Barack Obama affirmed his commitment Thursday to not returning American forces to combat in Iraq. Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki asked the US to conduct airstrikes against insurgent forces, but the president instead announced that 300 military advisors will be sent to the country to assist with military planning, while intelligence resources and naval power in the region will also be increased. RT’s Manila Chan discusses the situation and the president’s plans for Iraq with retired Brig. Gen. David Reist.

WikiLeaks has grown stronger over the last two years despite attempts by the US government to build a legal case against the organization and founder Julian Assange, according to WikiLeaks spokesperson Kristinn Hrafnsson. By building its database of leaked documents and entering into agreements with 130 media outlets, the organization says it continues to grow and promote its agenda of open access to information. RT’s Manila Chan spoke with Hrafnsson about the growth of WikiLeaks, Assange’s continued persecution and the effect of Edward Snowden.