RT America -- June 4, 2014

Journalists, advocates and former-whistleblowers Wednesday launched a new platform "to disclose information that citizens need in order to make truly informed decisions in a democracy." ExposeFacts.org, which features a video statement by famed Pentagon Papers leaker Daniel Ellsberg on its homepage, worked with experts to implement SecureDrop. Whistleblowers can utilize the system to securely submit documents and files to the organization's board of journalists. RT's Lindsay France discusses the new project with Norman Solomon, a member of ExposeFacts' editorial board.

Five Cuban men captured by the US government on spy charges have critics of their detainment rallying for a prisoner swap. Over the weekend, President Obama agreed to a trade of five Taliban suspects for US Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl. Many are now calling for a similar swap of the three remaining detained Cubans for US contractor Alan Gross, who is currently jailed in Havana. RT's Ameera David has more from the annual conference aimed at winning the five men's release.