RT America -- June 3, 2014

The US operates a detention facility more secretive than Guantanamo Bay on the outskirts of Bagram airfield in Afghanistan. Nearly completely cutoff from the world, around 50 prisoners are held at the Parwan Detention Facility. One of the only things known about the detainees is that they are not Afghani citizens. What will happen to these prisoners after the US pulls its forces out of the country is also unknown. RT's Ameera David discusses the secretive facility and the fate of its inmates with Golnaz Fakhimi, staff attorney at the International Justice Network.

The bodies of 52 deceased veterans are languishing in a Los Angeles morgue, waiting over a year for approval to be buried. Unclaimed veterans' bodies typically go to Riverside National Cemetery, but a mix of private and governmental bureaucracy is complicating the process. RT's Meghan Lopez takes a deeper look at this latest scandal.