RT America -- May 28, 2014

Prosecutors asked a judge to reconsider an order related to accused USS Cole bomber Abd al Rahim al Nashiri. Al Nashiri was held in secret CIA facilities after his capture in 2002, and the judge ordered documents related to his detention in those facilities be turned over. Defense lawyers accuse the CIA of torturing al Nashiri and want files related to his CIA detention made available. RT's Meghan Lopez discusses the proceedings with Lindsay France.

Political activists are pressing for an audit of the New York City Police Department. Using as evidence documents uncovered by the Associated Press revealing widespread surveillance and infiltration of political and community groups, several organizations filed complaints with the department's new inspector general Tuesday. In April, the NYPD disbanded their controversial Demographics Unit, which targeted groups based on ethnicity and religious affiliation. Activists, however, don't believe this goes far enough. RT's Lindsay France speaks with Robert Jereski to discuss what activists are hoping to achieve.