RT America -- May 27, 2014

The Ukrainian government's labeling of those in eastern Ukraine as "terrorists" is hypocritical and a vast oversimplification, according to Nebojsa Malic. The President of the Reiss Institute for Serbian Studies believes Kiev uses this term to help garner favor in Western media, which does not take into account the complexities of the situation. Additionally, Western media labeling all who oppose the Kiev government as "pro-Russian" instead of "anti-Kiev" plays into the narrative of Russian aggression and evil. Malic discussed these issues and how they are affecting public perception with RT's Ameera David.

Protesters from 52 countries and 436 cities participated in Anti-Monsanto, Anti-Genetically Modified Foods rallies over the weekend. Activists rallied, marched and held speeches to demand for GM foods to be labeled or banned altogether. RT Correspondent Meghan Lopez was at the March Against Monsanto in Washington, D.C. over the weekend and brings us her report.