RT America -- May 23, 2014

Just released documents reveal the health consequences of the military's force-feeding of detainees at Guantanamo Bay. The military has responded to large numbers of inmates using hunger strikes a means of protest by using feeding tubes to get nourishment into the detainees. The documents reveal chest infections, vomiting of blood, loss of consciousness, and a variety of other effects caused by the practice, which the UN labels as "torture." RT's Lindsay France examines the documents to learn more about the consequences.

The Transportation Security Administration is giving away hundreds of its full-body scanners to prisons across the country. The machines which produce ultra-revealing images of passengers to reveal hidden weapons and contraband have come under fire from researchers and doctors who are concerned with the potential health effects of radiation exposure. Because of their high price and potential for causing cancer and other illnesses, activists are raising questions as to whether prisons acquiring these scanners is worth the costs. RT's Lindsay France discusses the issue with Danny Panzella, a journalist at Truth Square TV.