RT America -- May 15, 2014

Resting on the border of Nevada and California, hidden between the mountains, is a 36,000 acre patch of land where the military ships its equipment after wars. Here, items as big as M1-Abrams tanks or as small as individual bolts are taken into inventory, fixed and shipped right back out to troops in the field. But with the Afghanistan war ending, what will happen with leftover gear? In part six of her series focusing on the military equipment drawdown from Afghanistan, RT Correspondent Meghan Lopez takes us on a tour of the Sierra Army Depot.

Biometric identification is becoming more prevalent and powerful, so artist Leo Selvaggio decided to take a novel approach to combat what he views as the growing surveillance state. Selvaggio created a 3D printable mask that is a photorealistic copy of his own face, allowing users to trick facial recognition software and conceal the wearer's identity. The idea for the project struck while the artist was living in Chicago, which has over 20,000 networked cameras accessible by police. RT's Ameera David speaks to Selvaggio and learned more about his motivations.