RT America -- May 14, 2014

The Pentagon is considering transferring Chelsea Manning from a military prison to a federal prison to receive proper medical care as a transgender woman. Military prisons do not provide hormone treatments for transgender individuals, a procedure Manning has requested to undergo. Questions have been raised by LGBT advocates over whether keeping a self-identified woman in a men's military prison that does not provide treatments may constitute cruel and unusual punishment. RT's Lindsay France has more details on this latest news from the Pentagon.

New documents released this week by journalist Glenn Greenwald give more insight into the measures the NSA used to give US diplomats an advantage at the UN. Implicated in this latest document release is Susan Rice. In 2010 she was the US ambassador to the UN and was trying to secure passage of a new Iranian sanctions resolution in the UN Security Council. Internal NSA documents show she reached out to the spy agency requesting intelligence on certain Security Council countries so she "could develop a strategy." RT's Sam Sacks has more.