RT America --May 13, 2024

What were once thought of as conspiracy theories about government spying are now backed up by facts, according to Coleen Rowley. The FBI whistleblower and 2002 Time Person of the Year believes the National Security Agency spying scandal has provided crucial insights to the public on how not only the US government, but all governments work. The mainstream media perpetuates certain myths that conceal the truth of what goes on behind closed doors, but the American people now have a better view of the truth, according to Rowley. RT's Ameera David spoke to the whistleblower and activist to get her insights into the impact of the NSA scandal and continuing revelations.

The Federal Communications Commission is backtracking on its net neutrality stance. A proposal released in April would have allowed for the creation of a two-tiered internet. Internet service providers would be permitted to charge content providers for faster user downloads, making it harder for users to access the content of the providers who don't pay. After a public backlash, the FCC is making changes to ensure all parties have equal access, but many digital rights activists are concerned the changes may not go far enough. According to attorney and internet activist Kevin Zeese, FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler is scared of Comcast, preventing him from implementing actual change. RT's Ameera David discussed the issue with Zeese in our Washington studio.