RT America -- May 1, 2014

German Chancellor Angela Merkel arrived in Washington, DC to meet with President Barack Obama over the weekend. This is the chancellor's first visit to the US since revelations emerged last fall that the National Security Agency was intercepting her phone calls. While the two are professional enough to work together on issues such as the unrest in Ukraine, the relationship between Merkel and Obama is no longer "a relationship of trust," according to author and Der Spiegel correspondent Holger Stark. RT's Ameera David spoke to Stark about Merkel's visit and the topics that are on the plate for the weekend.

Immigrants gathered in front of the US Capitol as part of a May Day "Stop the Deportations" rally. Some documented and some undocumented, the protesters hope that their voices will be heard before the August congressional recess, after which members of Congress will turn their attention to mid-term elections. While immigration reform has been pushed by President Barack Obama, Congress has blocked most attempts to change the system. For some families, that means whether they will be able to stay with their loved ones is in question. RT's Lindsay France reports from the Capitol and speaks to some of the immigrants rallying for change.