RT America -- April 24, 2014

It was the vehicle specially designed to deal with the threat of bomb blasts and ambushes in Iraq and Afghanistan. Now, the Pentagon must decide the fate of some 27,000 Mine Resistant, Ambush-Protected vehicles (MRAPs). Military officials are selling some, scrapping others and bringing the rest back to the U.S. for storage. In part 3 of her military equipment drawdown series, RT Correspondent Meghan Lopez takes a closer look at these costly vehicles and the fight over their future.

Digital rights groups are mobilizing over rumors the Federal Communications Commission may be about to abandon the principle of net neutrality. Organizations are concerned the agency may release new rules allowing companies to pay internet service providers to deliver their content faster than the content of competitors. The agency attempted to implement regulations ensuring net neutrality in the past, but a federal court struck down the move. Executive vice president of the National Hispanic Media Coalition Jessica Gonzalez speaks with RT's Ameera David to break down net neutrality and what it means for the public.