RT News - April 27, 2014 (17:00 MSK)

And - reports of another assault on anti-government activists in the East of Ukraine, which has been the scene of a deadly military operation this week. Satellite images allegedly show an army of 15 thousand pro-Kiev forces massing in the area; Washington tones down its "fact" rhetoric, after its claims about what's going on in Ukraine are debunked; plus, we gauge the American public's mood over Ukraine, and find out how eager they are for their country to get involved in a crisis that many of them can't even locate on a map; a new round of tough sentencing sees the military-backed Egyptian government's crackdown against pro-Morsi activists widen; we find out how a Mafia-run rubbish-burning racket is making life a toxic hell for people trapped in Southern Italy's so-called Triangle of Death.