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RT International

RT’s flagship, award-winning English-language channel airs 24/7 from the network’s Moscow offices and is available to more than 640 million viewers worldwide. It covers the most urgent domestic and international issues of our time and its broadcasts are available at RT’s YouTube channel became the first TV news channel in the world to cross the BILLION views mark on the platform. Follow RT on Twitter and Facebook.

RT Arabic

A year after the English-language channel launch RT’s Arabic service set up began. On the 4th of May, 2007 Rusiya Al-Yaum – now RT Arabic – went live on air. At present over 350 million viewers in the Middle East, North Africa and Europe can watch RT in Arabic. According to Nielsen research, over 5 million people watch RT in 7 Arab countries, more than leading European channels Deutsche Welle Arabic, France 24 Arabic and Chinese CCTV Arabic all together (The Nielsen Company Research in 7 Arab countries, 2010). In 2012 Forbes named Rusiya Al-Yaum to the Top 3 Online Channels in the Arab World. That year RT Arabic’s website,, drew on average 100,000 visitors daily. You can watch RT Arabic live on its site, as well as on its YouTube channel (135 million views and counting) and follow the channel on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

RT Spanish

RT's Spanish-language channel started broadcasting in December 2009. Drawing on the experience and resources of our English and Arabic channels it has quickly won an audience. In less than a year, leaders of over 10 Latin American countries gave interviews to the channel, including the presidents of Ecuador and Venezuela, Rafael Correa and Hugo Chavez respectively. RT Spanish was rewarded with a nomination for a prestigious British Broadcast Digital Award (2010) for Best Channel Launch. In 2014 RT Spanish was named the Best Television Channel, Informational Resource and Multimedia Platform by the Mexican Press Club, in what is one of the most prestigious journalism awards in Latin America. The channel’s live broadcast is available at You can also stay current with RT Spanish latest updates on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

RT America

In January 2010, RT began broadcasting from its own studio in Washington, joining the club of international channels targeting audiences in different regions of the world. RT America goes on air during America’s prime time and covers stories no one else from the mainstream media dares to touch. In addition to news shows, RT America’s signature programming includes Breaking the Set with Abby Martin, The Big Picture with Thom Hartmann, Politicking with Larry King and Boom Bust with Erin Aide. RT America broadcasting is available on YouTube and at the RT website. The channel can also be followed on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr.


RT’s documentary channel RTDoc began broadcasting 24/7 in English in June 2011. RTDoc’s films and docu-series tell the most compelling stories and uncover varied and unique aspects of life around the world. A significant portion of the RTDoc line-up is made up of the exclusive documentaries about Russia, produced in-house by RT, among them – works that have won international prizes such as Media Excellence and New York Festivals Awards. From its very launch, RTDoc has received strong interest from cable operators all over the world. RTDoc’s reach covers network subscribers in Germany, Italy, Ireland, Portugal, Bulgaria and Macedonia. In the United States and Canada, more than a million viewers can watch RTDoc on the IPTV Roku system. The channel’s signal is transmitted by the Hot Bird satellite (RTDoc’s broadcast on Hot Bird satellite: Hot Bird 8, 13°E (frequency : 12015 Mhz, polarization: H, symbol rate: 27500, FEC: ¾)) and is received by 120 million households across Europe as well as in the Middle East and Northern Africa. Viewers can also watch RTDoc online at


In 2013 RT launched RUPTLY, a full-service video news agency based in Berlin. RUPTLY leveraged the success of FreeVideo, launched by RT in 2009 as Russia’s first online video agency. FreeVideo gave users access to broadcast-quality RT footage, and more than 18 000 TV channels and agencies – including CNN, BBC, Fox News, ABC News, The Associated Press and Reuters – from 185 countries have used the service. Today, RUPTLY is the alternative source of original news footage. With extensive journalistic presence around the world and state-of-the-art multimedia platform RUPTLY delivers broadcast-quality real-time and archived visual news materials from all the global hot-spots, plus stories that other agencies miss. Their expansive offering is available at


InoTV provides daily TV news reports on Russia from RT and more than 100 TV channels from around the world, with original video footage and Russian-language transcripts. Launched in 2009, the portal has since been expanded to publish select news stories and analytical articles on Russia from the preeminent global print media outlets. InoTV is the way for the Russian audience to learn what is being said and shown about Russia around the world.