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MOSCOW, MARCH 14RT won two gold awards and one silver at the PromaxBDA Europe Awards 2018, a prestigious international competition that celebrates excellence in TV promotion, marketing and design.

At an event before the awards ceremony, Lester Mordue, the European Director of Conference and Relations at PromaxBDA, discussed RT’s ad campaign launched in London and in Moscow airports.

Lester Mordue showed the audience pictures of the “Blame it on us!” ads, a campaign that was launched in 2017, first in Moscow airports and later on in London.

“They’ve got a lovely little stand there that says, ‘Missed a plane? Lost an election? Blame it on us!’ Now, I’ve got to hand it to them – I mean, that made me laugh and I dig that humor, except the joke was on me, because I missed my flight that day,” Mordue said.

RT’s international project #1917LIVE, a large-scale historical Twitter re-enactment of the Russian Revolution in commemoration of its 100-year anniversary, took the gold award in the Social Media Campaign for a Channel category, leaving behind the popular 'All That We Share' video produced by the Danish channel TV2, as well as entries by HBO Espana and Discovery Italia. Promos for RT’s #1917LIVE project also won the silver award in the Channel Special Event Spot category.

A series of promos about RT Spanish correspondents Aliana Nieves, Julia Dominzain and Rubén Carcellé won the gold award in the News/Information Programme Spots category, beating out all the other contestants including Qatar’s Al Jazeera.

PromaxBDA is one of the largest and most prestigious international awards for outstanding work in TV promotion, marketing and design.

RT has won 29 PromaxBDA awards since its launch, including 12 gold awards for its various creative projects, including the channel’s 'Never Giving Up' promo featuring members of the Russian Paralympic team, RT’s 10-year anniversary promos, the network’s promo for the 70-year anniversary Victory Day celebration and many other projects.