MOSCOW, APRIL 13 — Over one million users have installed the RT News for Android mobile application, a figure that eclipses such news outlets as Euronews, Voice of America and the Washington Post.

In 2015, overall demand for RT’s online content increased by roughly 30 percent.

The RT developer team’s successful optimization of the RT News for Android mobile application has tripled RT’s monthly subscriber count. In April 2016, Google included RT News in Play Market’s New Apps and Releases section, which contains the most popular apps.

“Mobile platforms can be said to have delivered on the promise of becoming the market’s fastest growing and most attractive segment. We registered growth of mobile traffic for RT projects back in 2014, when it reached 60 percent of the overall traffic, outperforming the data exchange generated by desktop users,” Elvira Chudnovskaya, head of RT’s mobile development, said.

“Viewers all over the world find RT’s content appealing because they want to have access to news stories that are not covered by the mainstream media in their own countries. Knowing what our audience wants, we started developing RT’s online content from the very beginning – along with television broadcasting. The strategy worked, as we are now ahead of other international media in many ways,” Margarita Simonyan, RT’s Editor-in-Chief of RT, said.

RT’s success on mobile platforms is part of a general trend, as the channel’s digital projects become more and more popular. In 2015, the number of views on rt.com and RT’s YouTube channel grew by a third.