MOSCOW, 3 NOVEMBER , 2017For the second year in a row, RT has been recognized by the ABU Prizes, a prestigious industry awards competition presented by the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union. A series of war reports from Libya won in the “TV News Reporting” category while RT documentary “The Golden Gamble” received “commended” status.

RT’s series of exclusive reports from conflict-ridden Libya titled “Libya Heat” won in the “TV News Reporting” category. Reporting from the frontline, RT correspondent William Whiteman came under fire as he provided exclusive coverage of the Libyan Army’s efforts to free the city of Sirte from Islamic State terrorists.

Earlier this year, RT’s reporting from Libya earned gold at the prestigious New York Festivals as well as gold at the US International Film & Video Festival.

RT’s “The Golden Gamble” tells the story of Philippine residents who are forced to illegally and dangerously extract gold in order to survive.

Last year, RT’s news feature “Will He Ever Get Across the Channel?” which focuses on the personal story of an Afghan interpreter named Khushal (Happy), who once worked for the British forces in Afghanistan, was awarded the ABU Prize in “News Reporting.”

The ABU Prizes were established in 1964 by the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union, a non-profit, professional association that includes more than 280 broadcasters from 69 countries in the Asia-Pacific Region. The ABU is headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.