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MOSCOW, JUNE 5— RT took home gold at the US International Film & Video Festival for its documentary about legendary Cuban revolutionary Ernesto “Che” Guevara, while its 360-degree video featuring Alexey Leonov, a famous cosmonaut who was twice named Hero of the Soviet Union and the first man ever to complete a spacewalk, earned silver.

RT won a Gold Camera in the “Documentary: History” category for its Spanish-language documentary Che: Caminos, huellas, enigmas commemorating 50 years since Guevara’s death. RT journalists traveled across six Latin American countries looking for stories about little-known episodes from the famous Cuban revolutionary’s life.

RT’s short panoramic film Earth 360° featuring Alexey Leonov, a famous Russian cosmonaut, and Tom Stafford, a NASA astronaut who took part in a manned mission to the Moon, won a Silver Screen in the “Documentary: Craft/Production Techniques: 360 Video” category. Leonov and Stafford, who made history when they shook hands after the successful Apollo-Soyuz docking in 1975, compare their first-hand spaceflight experiences to RT’s SPACEWALK 360, the first-ever panoramic video filmed in open space.

RT was also honored in the category “Documentary: Continuing News Story” for its series of reports about Russian-speaking children who were abandoned by their parents in Syria and Iraq upon choosing to join ISIS. Thanks to the efforts of RT reporters, some of the children were returned to Russia after their relatives were found.

RT has won a number of awards at the US International Film & Video Festival over the years. Last year, RT won three golds and one silver for a series of special reports from Libya, a Space 360 video and two documentaries. In 2016, the channel took home two gold awards.

The US International Film & Video Festival has been held in Los Angeles since 1967. The Festival runs competitions across five categories seeking to recognize outstanding Corporate, Education, Entertainment, Documentary and Student productions. Entries are judged by a panel of members of the International Quorum of Motion Pictures Producers.