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Syria unrest

​ISIS and moderate Syrian rebels strike truce… with Al Qaeda’s help – reports
The militants of Islamic State have reportedly struck a deal with moderate Syrian rebels not to fight each other and focus on toppling the government. Some reports say the deal was brokered by the Al-Nusra Front, an Al-Qaeda branch in Syria.

13.09.2014 14:49

Lawmakers weigh White House plan against Islamic State
Many in Congress, even usual opponents of President Barack Obama, are supporting the White House’s plan to combat Islamic State militants. House Speaker John Boehner, for instance, called on Congress to “give the president what he's been asking for.”

11.09.2014 18:23

State Dept. attempt to fight ISIS online with gruesome videos brings backlash
The US State Department recently released a propaganda video in English to counter gains made by the Internet-savvy militant group Islamic State. Yet the use of the extremist’s own violent footage may have the opposite effect, critics say.

08.09.2014 14:06

ISIS threatens to 'liberate' Chechnya and Caucasus
Islamic State jihadists in Syria have made a video threatening to bring the Russian republic of Chechnya into their self-proclaimed caliphate, after capturing Russian-made planes in Syria. The viral video drew an angry response from the Chechen leader.

03.09.2014 15:39

US vows to avenge Sotloff’s death after confirming authenticity of execution video
The White House on Wednesday confirmed the authenticity of a video depicting an Islamic State militant beheading American journalist Steven Sotloff and vowed to bring the killers to justice.

03.09.2014 14:08

ISIS fighter killed in Syria worked at Minneapolis International Airport
​Abdirahmaan Muhumed, the second known American to die while fighting alongside Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) militants, was formerly an employee with a Delta Airlines subsidiary at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport.

03.09.2014 14:05

The Ultima Irratio: On Germany’s decision to arm Iraqi Kurds
In Germany, every school child knows that September 1, 1939 marks the date of Hitler’s invasion of Poland. It is also the day that peace activists and campaigners celebrate World Peace Day, with demonstrations all over Germany.

03.09.2014 10:39

Facing ‘abstract threat’: Germany to arm Iraqi Kurds against Islamic State
Germany is facing an “increased abstract threat” stemming from hundreds of people who joined extremists in Syria and Iraq and may eventually return to hit Germany, domestic intelligence warns, as Berlin approves arming Kurdish forces deterring IS in Iraq.

31.08.2014 22:07

US & allies should beg Syrian people for forgiveness
After a decade when inordinate amount of resources have been applied to the Middle East, the end result has not been the spread of democracy and human rights, as claimed by the champions and apologists of this crusade.

28.08.2014 15:48

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