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Syria unrest

Division within Syria grows as protests spread into capital
Syrian opposition activists claim that more than 60 people have been killed during the latest outbreak of violence. That is against a backdrop of the reported advance of armed Syrian anti-regime fighters towards the capital Damascus.

28.01.2012 06:29

Gulf States to arm Syrian opposition?
Gulf State opponents of the regime in Syria, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, have reportedly come to an agreement to offer financial aid to Syria’s flagging opposition movement for the purchase of much-needed arms.

27.01.2012 19:34

RT caught in Syria protest: Rebel fighters control Saqba (VIDEO)
A massive demonstration has shaken the Damascus suburb of Saqba, that has fallen under the control of the Free Syrian Army. RT’s Sara Firth traveled to the rebel-controlled area to explore how the fighters managed to overcome superior forces.

27.01.2012 14:37

Syria: Watch the weather forecast
Ankhar Kochneva, writer and sole foreign journalist permanently living in Syria, tells RT what is really up in the country, who funds the opposition, how international media fake images of unrest and why it is so important to watch weather forecasts.

27.01.2012 12:50

Western-backed resolution on Syria doomed?
The UN Security Council is due to consider a new resolution on Syria, which demands that the country’s authorities step down. Russia however has stated that the draft offered by the West and the Arab League has no chance of being passed as it is.

27.01.2012 11:25

Syrians won’t go along with Obama’s wishes
President Obama’s promise to bring “strong and stable democracy'' to Syria alarms its population, which sees the shining examples of Iraq and Libya and realizes what fate awaits it, says Dr. Ali Muhammad, editor-in-chief of the website Syria Tribune.

25.01.2012 18:21

Gulf Arabs push diplomatic assault on Syria
The Arab League is intensifying its diplomatic attack on Syria, recalling observers and preparing to address the UN Security Council on the violence, after Damascus rejected the League’s proposal urging President Assad to step down.

24.01.2012 15:04

Syria sanctions: EU extends asset freeze, travel ban
EU foreign ministers have adopted fresh sanctions against Syria, targeting a new list of people and firms to be hit by a travel ban and asset freeze. This is the 11th consecutive round of sanctions to be imposed on the violence-torn country.

23.01.2012 10:56

Syria: Arab League roadmap is ‘attack on national sovereignty’
The Syrian leadership has rejected the Arab League's transition plan aimed at curbing violence in the country. The authorities say it does not reflect the will of the people and violates the country's sovereignty.

23.01.2012 06:07

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