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US foreign policy adventurism approaching an all-time high (Op-Ed)
Whenever the US warns there is an imminent danger of violence, even of a massacre or atrocities, it pays to take notice. Such predictions seem to have an almost uncanny knack of turning out to be accurate. So recent US “concerns” could mean bad news.

28.07.2012 02:58

US Ambassador to Russia: Wrong to link co-operation with human rights
The Obama administration wants to develop co-operation with the Russian authorities and people and does not want to hamper it by linking unrelated issues, US Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul has said in an exclusive interview with RT.

28.07.2012 01:43

All eyes on Aleppo: Major battle looming?
Syria’s Aleppo is preparing for a potential major showdown, according to reports pouring from the city and its suburbs.

27.07.2012 20:41

Turkey sets up secret anti-Assad rebel base with Saudi Arabia and Qatar - reports
Turkey is directing the rebel fight against Bashar Assad, after setting up a secret base on its border with Syria, with help from Qatar and Saudi Arabia. It devises tactics and supplies weapons for the uprising, according to Reuters sources.

27.07.2012 18:34

Russian people against military operation in Syria
Almost a half of all Russians are against foreign intervention into the Syrian crisis. However, the majority of the population support neither side of the conflict, polls have revealed.

27.07.2012 12:02

Turkey’s pursuit of Kurdish rebels: Pretext for NATO intervention in Syria?
Turkey has warned that it may take action against Kurdish rebels operating in the north of Syria. Middle East expert Franklin Lamb believes this could finally lead to Turkish and NATO intervention in the country.

27.07.2012 01:00

Iran vows 'unchangeable' support for Syria with 'experience and capabilities'
Iran has pledged more support for Syria amid mounting “foreign pressure" and promised not to leave its ally “alone in difficult times.”

26.07.2012 21:22

Spring loaded: Lukashenko tightens screws for autumn vote
Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko has told the military to be prepared to handle any efforts by internal and external forces that seek to destabilize the situation in the country ahead of upcoming parliamentary elections.

26.07.2012 13:24

Syrian violence relocated: Aleppo turns into battlefield
Clashes continue in Syria’s largest city, Aleppo, after government troops regained control over most areas of the capital Damascus from the armed opposition.

26.07.2012 13:23

Russian drill fleets won’t visit Syria
Russian warships performing naval exercises in the Mediterranean won’t be visiting the Russian base in the Syrian port of Tartus, Russian Navy commander said.

26.07.2012 09:21

Russia ready to host talks between Syrian government and opposition
Moscow says it is ready to host negotiations between the government of President Bashar Assad and the Syrian opposition in an effort to resolve the deteriorating situation in the country.

26.07.2012 00:01

Al-Qaeda gaining experience in Syria, eyes 'Islamic state to fight Israel and Iran'
An Iraqi Al-Qaeda operative has admitted that his organization is taking part in the Syrian uprising against President Assad. The revelation comes amidst increasing evidence that Al-Qaeda is gaining a foothold in Syria.

25.07.2012 20:09